English summary

More than any other country the Dutch seem to have a tradition with "all time charts". At least 7 radio stations in the Netherlands send their list in months before christmas en new year's day. The charts are voted for by the listeners of these radio stations. The NPO (sort of the Dutch BBC) sent a top 2000 at the end of 1999 and it proved to be a succes. So they repeated it every year since then.   Other stions followed. The tradition goes further back. Already as early as 1967 Veroncia played an all time top 100.

In this list I merge all these lists to one list. On every list since it started in songs can earn points. Number one gets 500 points, number two 499 and so  on. For number 500 there is 1 point left. All the points a song has earned are added and they are the base for this list.

Whit one aditional criterion: Each song is only allowed 10 entries on each of the 7 lists. This way newer songs also can take their chance.